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What We Sell

We distill and source the highest quality, sustainable plant materials and essential oils to use in our handcrafted, locally made products. We formulate our products with respect to biodiversity and the healing nature of botanical medicine. We infuse our Roller blends, massage oils, Sprays, and Candles with the elevated vibration of healing Crystals and gemstones directly from the deep, mystical, sacred core of the Earth. Our minerals, crystals, salt lamps and accessories come from the most sustainable and ethical sources.


E.O Roll- Ons

Our Heart Roller Blend nurtures and heals the Heart or Anahata Chakra. Infused with Rose Quartz, Rose, Vanilla , Wild Mallorcan Thyme, among other assisting wild herbs. It's euphoric scent cultivates pure love in your heart space.


Room & Yoga Mat Sprays

Our Aura Clear Spray energetically cleanses and clears your Auric field and protects your space. It's uplifting notes of wild Mint, Sage,and Mallorcan Rosemary, create a clear, bright sense of renewal.

Infused with Clear quartz, it helps us reveal our unique authentic nature and align with our true purpose.


Crystal Intention Candles

Our Soy-based, Gem and Crystal infused Intention Candles will fill your space with   a positive glow!

Great for ritual work or for simply adding a little magic to your life. Enjoy the delectable aromatic fragrance of Ibiza's mystical botanicals empowered by the sacred vibrations of Earth's glittering minerals. 


Smudge Sticks, Palo Santo & Incense

Smudge wands hand crafted with Sage, Dragon's Blood, Flowers, Rosemary and more!


Body & Lip Balms

Our sweet & soothing balms are made with mostly hand-picked local herbs & flowers, organic beeswax and 

rich, creamy shea butter. Try our Vegan versions of each balm created with decadent Tucuma butter.

Uplift, Calm or indulge in deep, peaceful sleep by placing a dab of balm on your heart space and pressure points. 

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