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Hi! I'm Raiza, a Herbalist, Yogini, and a thriving Cancer survivor.

Omlicious Botanicals was born from my passion for plant medicine, ethnobotany, sustainability, and holistic healing.

 All of the ingredients and plant materials we use are high quality, locally sourced when available, and formulated by myself, a trained Herbalist, with years of knowledge and care.

We mindfully handcraft each item with love and reverence for Mother Nature.

Our selection of essential oils, hydrosol sprays, and hand-made crystal candles are magically infused with moonlight and mantras on the chakral vortex points of Ibiza and Mallorca, Spain.

Shop Omlicious Botanicals at selected retailers in Ibiza & Mallorca, or in selected markets worldwide.

*A Portion of the Proceeds from all our sales go to the rescue, aid, and homing of animals in distress.

For more info or charitable collaborations:

Contact us via CHAT or Email.

We look forward to meeting you!

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